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April 29, 2017: Faraway Tree - Misspelt name!
Removing Blyton characters smoking pipes, cigars and cigarettes is silly as there is no need to hide that almost everyone smoked in Blyton's day. What's next, adding a bunch of PETA-esque animal rights activists protesting Mr Galliano's Circus? .—Paul
April 28, 2017: Malory Towers - Last Book of Felicity
I almost cried, I mean the title of the last book and the very last line kills me! Like! Please! Write more books where there kids go! I heard the school was based on a real one, it says on the Wikipedia page.—Hoorain
Fatty says... Fatty says: Although Enid died in 1968, there have been follow-on books by other authors
April 27, 2017: Unlisted - Enid Blyton in general - Enid's Desciption of Foreigners
It's kind of a shame that Zerelda Brass has lost her very Second World War era "Victory Rolls" hairstyle in modern editions of MT. For younger readers - a lot of things were labelled "Victory" or "Liberty" during the Second World War as a way of inspiring people on the Home Front to join the fight against Hitler in their own way.—Paul
April 25, 2017: Unlisted - Enid Blyton in general - Female Villains
Avan, Enid seems to have had a prejudice against people that encountered sudden good fortune that caused them to rise above their "proper" station in life without "earning" it as she saw it. Hence, Janet's mocking of Sheila Naylor in SC and what happens to Jo Jones in MT.—Paul
Fatty says... Fatty says: It's not just about money, breeding and class were important back then. A win on the pools didn't make you a Lady!
April 25, 2017: Unlisted - Enid Blyton in general - Female Villains
Why should anyone degrade the job of a dustman? Is he not doing honest hard work to earn a livelihood? Some circumstances may have led him to have little education but that does not take away anything from him or his daughter for that matter if they are sincere hardworking people. A truly well bred person is one who will make another feel comfortable and put him at ease instead of riding a high horse and looking down at him. That will not say much for his education!—Avan N. Cooverji
Fatty says... Fatty says: Spot on, Avan. Thankfully, we are a much more enlightened and generous nation today.
April 24, 2017: Unlisted - Enid Blyton in general - Female Villains
I believe "common voice" has been edited in the reprints as apparently we cannot insult the working class these days. And "you talk like the daughter of the dustman" has far more impact than whatever replaced it in modern Enid.—Paul
Fatty says... Fatty says: I bet you wouldn't like it if you were the daughter of a dustman! In fact, if a dustman (refuse operator) heard you refer to his daughter like that, you might be in need of a plaster!
April 23, 2017: Unlisted - Enid Blyton in general - The Greatest Villain
Apologies if this thread had already been started. I didn't see it anywhere. So, who are your favourite villains? Or perhaps the ones who prove to be the best adversaries? For me: Mr. Perton and Hunchy (Five Get Into Trouble), the hateful Mr. Roland (Five Go Adventuring Again), and Mr. Barton (The Boy Next Door).—Michael
Fatty says... Fatty says: I have moved this to The Greatest Villain thread, This can include your favourites.
April 23, 2017: Unlisted - Enid Blyton in general - Female Villains
Definitely a few female villains in the Famous Five series. Maggie ("Horrid common voice and hard face!!! ") was half of a nasty duo in Five On A Hike Together and there was also a witchy type in Five On A Secret Trail who disguised herself as a peasant woman. Anne saw through it though.—Michael
April 23, 2017: Malory Towers - Casting of Malory Towers film
Emma Watson is 27 this year. She looks young for 27 but certainly couldn't pull off the 12-18 required for Darrell in an MT film. (especially not the "12" part!)—Paul
April 20, 2017: Unlisted - Enid Blyton in general - Hollywood and Enid Blyton Books
Speaking of Hollywood, I can just see Alec Guinness as Bill Smuggs.—Paul
April 18, 2017: Mystery (Five Find-Outer) Series - Famous Five vs Five Find-Outers-and Dog
I have a similar question as someone asked a few years back. Why despite almost every reader on this thread preferring the Five Find Outers to the FF, is the Famous five still enormously the more popular of the two. In fact, many people identify Blyton with the Famous Five. I can read the FFO over and over again but the same does not go for the FF. Maybe it is because a comfort zone is established as all the mysteries happen in Peterswood, or more likely because there is rarely any mystery to be solved in the FF. Is the FF series more popular because there were more of them and the stories longer. I cannot think of any other reason. Would appreciate what others have to say on this.—Cyrus M Gonda
Daisy says... Daisy says: I think Enid Blyton is known by most people from her books The Famous Five and maybe Noddy. We now have adult versions of the Famous Five, which are not to the liking of most people, but they are selling. So even though the F.O's are liked by many people, they're not the books that spring to mind when people think of Blyton books.
April 16, 2017: Famous Five - George's feelings
Yet, it is implied. George was very happy whenever someone used male pronouns in reference to her. I wouldn't say this is a problem or a serious issue, either- just a debate.—Beth
April 4, 2017: Unlisted - Enid Blyton in general - Enid's Desciption of Foreigners
Whether one lives in England or in India, a lot also depends on the economic strata and family wholesomeness that you happen to be born into. If one is lucky to be born in an united loving family, be it in India or the UK, it will go a long way in colouring your outlook. Because a happy family will make for a happy contended child while unhappy or split families will naturally make young impressionable children feel insecure anywhere. Also if you are surrounded with comfort and have ease of money , then it will definitely make things easier for you no matter where you are. Every city has areas which are safe and unsafe, affluent and slum-like, so a great deal depends on ones circumstances and surroundings. In this world nothing is perfect, no country is ideal, most things are a mixture of good and not so good, and a lot depends on ones own hard work and luck as well.—Avan N. Cooverji
March 31, 2017: Famous Five - George's feelings
It is almost unbeleivable what people read into the simple adventure stories of Enid Blyton by thinking of some characters having gay or lesbian tendencies when nothing of the sort is implied or actually happening. These are young kids just having fun and girls and boys do have favourites amongst themselves for whom they would go that little bit extra. Most girls like to be Teachers Pet and Tom Boys which have no sexual overtones. Thats all there is to it and nothing more. Just enjoy the liveliness and leave all these absurd and serious issues and do not create problems and impressions where there are none.—Avan N. Cooverji
Fatty says... Fatty says: Couldn't agree with you more, Avan.
March 29, 2017: Unlisted - Enid Blyton in general - Enid Blyton
Is it known what newspapers Enid and or Kenneth read? Maybe The Times? .—Paul
Fatty says... Fatty says: My guess would be The Daily Telegraph.
March 29, 2017: St Clare's - So were the sixth form imbeciles or something?
I like the sixth form book that Pamela Cox wrote, but I don`t like the fact that they didn`t say what was the secret that Fizz had until almost the end of the book. Also what happened to the second formers? In the the sixth book they only send for first formers when first and second formers are supposed to do jobs for them? I know that a second former Shelia was told to fetch the Lacey twins but still! Also where were the fifth formers in this book? .—Lemons
March 24, 2017: Adventure Series - Valley of Adventure
I have just read this book for the first time in years,it is a very good read helped by the way that the adventure starts in the first few chapters and there are some nasty villains as well. It is one of the best Blyton books.—brendan fitzpatrick
Fatty says... Fatty says: Many consider the book to be Enid's masterpiece. The whole series is excellent.
March 22, 2017: Unlisted - Enid Blyton in general - Why update books?
Enid Blytons books have an affinity for children in different time periods. I started reading them when I was 11 and at the ripe old age of 74 am still reading them. I have read them in India where I lived most of my life and where English customs were different and now I am living in New Zealand where again there is a difference in perceptions about many things. Yet Enid Blyton appeals to all everywhere and anywhere and that too for any age. The books should be left untouched and in their original form, they have a charm of their own and no updates or changes can make them more appealing. In fact it will make them far less interesting and they should reflect the period in which and the audience for whom they were written.—Avan N. Cooverji
March 17, 2017: St Clare's - Malory Towers vs. St Clare's
Where Malory Towers scores over St. Clare's is firstly on its location. The mental image that the school with its four massive towers high up on a cliff conjours is inspiring. While St. Clare's is huge, the scenic beauty of Malory Towers with its swimming pool cut into the rock with fresh water flowing in and out of it is unbeatable. Now coming to the schools itself. There is not much to differentiate one from the other. There is a common ribbon running through both the series. Both schools have sisters in them as pupils, in both certain characters are good and virtuous and both have mean spiteful girls as well. The head mistresses are of equal caliber, wise and serious and capable of guiding the girls superbly through their formative years. Also I feel that Malory Towers makes a lot of Darrell while attention is more equitably distributed among the various students in St. Clare's. American girls too are present in each school, Mamzelle's and teachers also follow the same lines and events like midnight feasts, sports competitions, tricks and the like are the same in each. But that it is to be expected because they are schools set in the same country , for the same age girls and therefore the spirit is the same. Somehow I feel that Claudine At St. Clare's is the most enjoyable of the lot and each book gives the reader enough entertainment as well as some pearls of wisdom in a discreet and sensible way. Enid Blyton has made the world of boarding schools for girls come alive in a wonderful way.—Avan N. Cooverji
March 17, 2017: Mystery (Five Find-Outer) Series - The Find-Outers' Books
Not sure about that. The later "Fives" are a shadow of the earlier ones, and "Banshee Towers" is awful. Maybe mid-series are some of the best. Always better when you really know the characters.—Philip
Fatty says... Fatty says: Daisy did say "most"! I agree about the FF books, but no Find-Outers' book can ever be bad!
March 16, 2017: St Clare's - Favourite character
St. Clares gives a good all round education to girls. Equal emphasis is laid on formal studies and sports. Those who show special talent in art, drama or music are encouraged and guided to excel in them. But the reason I admire the ethics of the school is that the head Miss Theobald is a very sensible person who is ever willing to give a chance to those who may have gone on the wrong path or as they say ,off the rails, and then does try her best to bring them on track again instead of just giving up on them. Since she lays more stress on character building than only on academics, I would like to place my child in such a school if I could afford it and have the chance.—Avan N. Cooverji
March 14, 2017: Mystery (Five Find-Outer) Series - The Find-Outers' Books
I recently bought a collection of the first 3 books. It's interesting as how the 5 were quite gullible at times. Larry was not a good leader and why Fatty could get into the secret room and then fall asleep and be captured is beyond me. Pip is quite annoying but to me the real stars of the early books are Bets and Buster, the later books are better, needless to say Mr Goon is as awful as ever. A very underrated set of books,certainly better then some of the later Famous 5.—brendan fitzpatrick
Daisy says... Daisy says: Most serial books get better as the series progresses. I don't think you can compare the Find-Outers to the Famous Five. It's a different series altogether.
March 10, 2017: Unlisted - Enid Blyton in general - Female Villains
In the Five Find-Outer books, I can only think of two female villains. In Spiteful Letters, there was Mrs Moon. In Tally-Ho cottage, the villains were Mr And Mrs Lorenzo, who later disguised themselves as Mr and Mrs Larkin. Am I missing any others? .—Padré
March 4, 2017: Famous Five - George's feelings
Nigel, I see your point, but those who would have given her the restrictions she hated so much already knew she was a girl and wouldn't have changed just because she said otherwise. Don't forget that her cousin Anne, also a girl and fully accepting of the fact that she was, also managed to bypass many of these restrictions without changing a thing. George would have known this and yet she continued to dress and act as a boy anyway, with loud objection whenever anyone got it wrong.—Beth
March 4, 2017: Unlisted - Enid Blyton in general - Enid Blyton
Be interesting to see what Enid would have thought of the "swinging sixties". In some of the last books before the dementia hit she makes remarks in her stories disparaging fifties youth culture and like Elinor Brent Dyer's later efforts, this comes across as an middle aged/elderly person who can't understand a different world.—Paul
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