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Mystery (Five Find-Outer) Series – The best and the weakest of the Five Find Outers series

March 1, 2017 – Avan N. Cooverji says: I feel the best book in the series is The Mystery of the Invisible Thief. It requires a lot of deduction and is almost a very grown- up sort of mystery that requires good brains like Fatty has solve it. Also the character of the cocky thief Twit is very well portrayed as is Goon who always blunders and in fact becomes friend with the wrong doer. The weakest of the series seems to be the last one, namely, The Mystery of Banshee Towers, here the story does not have the same grip and seems to ramble on for the sake of constructing a mystery. Adere is not much fun in it either. It does seem a far cry from the other Five Find Outers books and am a little puzzled as to how it turned out be so after reading so many really good ones in the series.
Daisy says... Daisy says: The reason why the last book of the series isn't quite as good as the others, I think, is because it was published in 1961 and Enid's health was starting to fail. Also there was a four year gap between The Mystery of the Strange Messages and Banshee Towers.

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