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Mystery (Five Find-Outer) Series – Banshee Towers

December 31, 2008 – Lithorite says: Seems to me this book was either not written by Blyton or she just wrote some of it. Somehow or the other halfway through the book I just felt that this was not Blytons narration. I had just read all the books in one go and when I reached Banshee towers things just felt different and dissapointing. For one Ern suddenly had sisters, When he met Find Outers Fatty doesn't ask about Sid and Perce as he usually does. Superintendant Jenks becomes Inspector / Chief Inspector again. The way Jenks speaks is different, He suddenly starts calling Fatty master Fredrick. The way he talks about Goon and Fatty is just too smug in the book for my liking.
January 11, 2009 – Akhtar says: I love Banshee Towers - it's the best of the 'findouters' series. Much better than any other Mystery book! I should probably say its my fave EB.
October 29, 2014 – Evie says: Hi, the only FFO book I have is Banshee Towers so I just have to keep reading it until I get another book. It's quite a good book, really. But there are a few things I don't get. First of all, when Ern wheels Bets' bike up the hill for her, Fatty looks round and sees him doing it and then asks Daisy if she needs any help. I think that is rather hypocritical as he only asked her because he saw Ern doing it, not because he really wants to help Daisy. And when Inspector Jenks comes to the shed at the end of the book he says "So all the Find-Outers are here, are they? " and smiles, then says "Well, well, little Bets, so you're here too, are you? " But shouldn't he have said that to Ern, because Bets was part of the Find-Outers so when he said the first sentence that included her as well. Ern should have got the 'special mention' because he is not usually there but Bets always is.
March 3, 2017 – Avan N Cooverji says: Daisy, it does seem as you write that Enid Blyton was not quite herself when she wrote The Mystery of the Banshee Towers. Ill health must have taken its toll on this much loved children story writer. Yet her efforts are indeed praiseworthy. She will always be remembered for the enjoyment she gave to millions of children and opening for them an enchanting and wonderful world.

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