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Mystery (Five Find-Outer) Series – Ern Goon: A Potential Poet

March 29, 2008 – Mimsy Kirana says: Ern has shown himself to be a potential poet and if he works harder, he could be a famous poet. He does have ideas, but not exactly the whole ideas. He knows how to begin, but never know how to continue it and put a beautiful ending. It is always Fatty who finished Ern's poems. What do you think of Ern?
May 3, 2008 – Nigel Rowe says: I think Ern was a 'good bloke'. If he has a weakness, he is a bit of a coward - although he did prove himself in Hidden House. He was scared rigid of Uncle Theo, and who can blame him for that? He was one of Enid's many working class heroes.
January 25, 2011 – Anjali Chorei says: I feel that Ern and Fatty would make a great team together. Ern could start a poem and Fatty could finish it for him (like he alwys does). But still, I feel Fatty has chosen the right career for himself- to become a first-class detective!
Fatty says... Fatty says: Even with Fatty's completion of Ern's work, they are still desperately dismal pomes!
January 25, 2011 – Anjali Chorei says: I like all the poems (or pomes) mentioned in the mystery series. But even without Fatty, with complete practice, Ern CAN become a great poet. His starting lines are always good.
July 8, 2011 – Macmohan says: As Keith says, Ern's poetry is very dismal. That might show him to be a dismal sort of person though that nature is never shown in the series.
December 21, 2015 – Sunset Shimmer (Misty Hamada) says: Why are you all so mean to Ern?? Just because he cant write poetry doesn't make him a dismal person. Also, it says that Inspector Jenks didn't glance at him because he looked awkward and stupid. I think shows that Inspector Jenks is a judgemental person. (I apologise for the mistakes, the keyboard is faulty).
Daisy says... Daisy says: It was Enid's story so surely she could write it how she liked to make interesting.
December 21, 2015 – Evie M says: Yes, but I think that Ern is a very nice, friendly boy. Its not as if he wad spiteful or mean at any point. Insprctor Jks was generally portrayed as a pleasant, friendly bloke and that display of spite and judgementality seemed out of character.
PC Goon says... PC Goon says: Let's hope you get a new keyboard for Christmas.
January 11, 2016 – Tom.C.G says: I agree with Evie. The Inspector was always a jolly friendly person and never seemed to treat anyone differently (except Bets but that's because she was the youngest) so now he seems rather mean, to judge Ern by the way he looks even though I do think Ern is a bit of a wimp but he does get braver I suppose.
February 21, 2017 – Avan N. Cooverji says: Ern loves to write poetry, he tries ever so hard but never goes beyond the first line or two. Another factor in his poems is that they are always sad and mournful. He is absolutely shocked when Fatty effortlessly rattles off the rest, and is so awed that he proclaims Fatty to be a genius. Fatty says that they are nonsense but I also admire Fatty for being able to do so on the spot. Though a bit boastful, he is also charming, generous and good mannered so that one can easily overlook that and feel that he is a very talented person.
Buster says... Buster says: I think Fatty is very talented too, but then he is my owner.

Fatty says: You are right to admire Fatty, Avan!
June 22, 2017 – Avan N. Cooverji says: May be only Ern would write a nonsensical pome like this:----- I wonder where the children went To solve a mystery they were bent Hope cruel Goon has not them sent To a cold dark prison in rural Kent For this would give Goon a chance To stop them leading him a dance For what would put him in a trance They could solve at just a glance But Buster is a clever chap Would never budge from Fattys lap Would smell out any secret trap And add a feather to his cap So the children, where are they? I'll truly tell you if I may They're here hiding in the hay Waiting for their next big prey And who could that ever be Well you just wait and see It could be you or even me That is the next big MYSTERY.
June 30, 2017 – Avan N. Cooverji says: I once met a poor old chap. Wearing a worn torn cap. Taking a nice little nap In the fields of a town called Clap. He woke up with a start. When he heard the wheels of a cart. And looked where he could dart. To find some eats like a tart. Along came the children five. He thought they would eat him alive. But they were only doing a jive. And going to the lake for a dive. Fatty the head of them all. Gave a sharp whistle and call. At which Larry the tall. Carried the tramp to the mall. There Bets always so gentle and kind. With Daisy just behind. Went with the others to find. A place where they often dined. Then Pip came running by. When he heard the others cry. For the old man seemed about to die. For the lack of a bread of rye. They quickly brought him some food. And thought the town people quite rude. To have been so terribly crude. When they could have been caring and good. We brought him some fish to fry. For we didn't want him to cry. And we did our best to try. Though we didn't want to pry. We brought him a nice warm coat. And took him for a ride in a boat. And from there while crossing a moat. This is the story I, Ern wrote.

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