Other Novels by Enid Blyton

There isn't room for all the Enid Blyton series to have their own dedicated sections, so here you'll find a number of standalone novels and mini-series or two or three books. More will be added as I get to them...

1. Mr Galliano's Circus (1938)
Jimmy Brown is an ordinary boy... but when the circus comes to town he just can't stay away! He makes friends with Lotta, one of the circus folk, and is introduced to all the animals and performers. Oh, how Jimmy would love to travel with a circus! As it turns out, his dream comes true and his family set off on the road with Mr Galliano...
2. The Enchanted Wood (1939)
Jo, Bessie and Fanny move to the country, where their father is to start a new job. Eager to explore, the children find a mysterious tree filled with magic and wonder. Living in the tree are fairies and pixies, and at the very top of the tree, strange lands come and go... lands filled with adventure!
3. Hurrah for the Circus! (1939)
More exciting adventures for Jimmy at Mr Galliano's Circus! When Roma and Fric join the travelers with their magnificent tigers, Jimmy is thrilled and longs to get inside the cages with them and work his magic, even to the point of sneaking in when he's not supposed to. And in doing so, he risks his deep friendship with Lotta...
4. The Adventurous Four (1941)
When Tom, Jill and Mary go to stay at a little fishing village in Scotland, the local fisherman's lad, Andy, promises to take them out in his boat. But a storm takes them off course and they end up shipwrecked on a small group of islands! Worse, it seems the islands are being used as a secret submarine base by the enemy...
5. The Naughtiest Girl Again (1942)
Elizabeth Allen is back at Whyteleafe School, and although she's vowed to be good and not get into trouble, she can't help herself when new boy Robert starts bullying smaller kids. And when Kathleen makes matters worse when she starts playing tricks on Elizabeth and her friend, Robert is wrongly blamed and everything becomes a muddle!
6. The Secret of Cliff Castle (1943)
People say that funny lights have been seen at the old abandoned Cliff Castle. Of course, as soon as Peter, Pam and their cousin Brock hear this they are determined to solve the mystery even though it means pitting their wits against the unknown enemy that awaits them.
7. The Magic Faraway Tree (1943)
Dick arrives at the country cottage of his cousins Jo, Bessie and Fanny next to the mysterious Enchanted Wood, where magic folk have made their home the tallest and mightiest tree in the world. The children soon find themselves in one tangle after another while visiting strange and exotic Lands.
8. The Adventures of Scamp (1943)
Joan and Kenneth Hill are delighted when they are allowed to choose one of the four new puppies for their very own. Of course they choose the naughtiest, and name him Scamp—a very appropriate name! Among many adventures, Scamp foils robbers and is whisked away to the circus.
9. The Boy Next Door (1944)
Robin, Betty and Lucy are delighted when a new boy moves into the house next door and can't wait to meet him. But Kit is being hidden in the house to protect him from kidnappers and is not supposed to be seen. A secret friendship builds up between them as the children try to help Kit escape.
10. The Folk of the Faraway Tree (1946)
Connie is the daintily spoilt daughter of one of their mothers friends. Jo, Bessie and Fanny decide to introduce her to the Folk of the Enchanted Wood, but Connie, a rebellious child at best, soon embroils them in one hair-raising adventure after another in the world of Exotic and Magical lands.
11. The Treasure Hunters (1946)
Jeffery, Susan and John are delighted to spend a few weeks at Greylings Manor with their grandparents, especially when they hear of lost treasure that might be hidden somewhere on the grounds! An exciting treasure hunt ensues, hampered by Mr Potts, the man planning to buy the manor and who would very much like to get his hands on the treasure himself...
12. House-at-the-Corner (1947)
The Farrell Family have a busy, happy home, and Aunt Grace is pleased to be visiting. But the five children are going to have to pull together as things start to go wrong for them, especially when disaster strikes and their father is hospitalized and cannot work. It's all up to Pam, Tony, Lizzie, and the twins.
13. Six Cousins at Mistletoe Farm (1948)
Jack, Jane and Susan are horrified when they learn that their three namby-pampy cousins, Cyril, Melisande and Roderick are to stay with them at Mistletoe Farm after a terrible house fire. But the feeling is mutual. The three cousins can't stand farm life, with its horrible smells and hard work. How will they ever get along?
14. Those Dreadful Children (1949)
Three Carltons—John, Margery and Annette—well brought up, prim and proper. Next door, four Taggertys—Pat, Maureen, Biddy and baby Michael, with a dog called Dopey—noisy, careless, selfish, not very truthful. What happens when the Carltons meet 'Those Dreadful Children'?
15. Six Cousins Again (1950)
Following on from their temporary life at Mistletoe Farm, Cyril, Melisande and Roderick are reunited at last with the mother and father as they move into nearby Holly Farm. But while Mr Longfield struggles to run the farm, two of his children are unwilling to help... and his wife Rose is making things a whole lot worse with her lazy, selfish ways.
16. The Children at Green Meadows (1954)
Francis, Clare and Sam lead a miserable life at Green Meadows, once a lovely farm home but now a run-down place that might have to be sold. But when Francis takes in a local boy's dog to save it being sent away, things begin to change. Suddenly Green Meadows becomes a haven for pets...
17. The Mystery That Never Was (1961)
Nicky and his friend Ken are excited by the prospect of making up a mystery for Uncle Bob, a bored private investigator who's supposed to be at home for a rest. But Uncle Bob isn't taken in, and Nicky is disappointed. But then mysterious things start happening—exactly as Nicky and Ken had imagined!
18. The Hidey-Hole (1964)
Bobby, Betty and Jocko are hunting blackberries to sell so they can raise funds for a new tricycle for little William at school. But all the best blackberries seem to be gone! Luckily Jocko finds heaps of huge juicy blackberries in the neighbor's garden... But that's not all he finds!