Enid Blyton Fan Portry

"FIVE REMINISCE" by Jennifer Patten

Julian, Dick and Anne, and Cousin George with Tim
Countless exploits and adventures they had found themselves in
Idyllic childhood times were had some sixty years ago
And now they meet again in an account set out below:


The train pulled in to Kirrin and George eagerly jumped down
Still fit in body and in mind, still sunburnt conker brown
Her curls were still unruly, but now more grey than brown
She heaved her suitcase from the train with her familiar frown

She hailed a cab from the taxi rank – the journey seemed so far!
Though years ago by pony and trap, you rarely saw a car
Happy to be back in the Dorset sun she looked across the bay
To Kirrin Island, which she still owned, on this glorious summers day

Her clear blue eyes shone as she thought of the week that lay ahead
Her cousins were due in the very next day – already in good stead
She stepped out of the cab and made her way to Kirrin Cottage front door
She was very much looking forward to seeing her three cousins once more

She let herself through the familiar door, and this time not just for a break
From being a nurse in the Shetland Isles, a brave decision to make
She had not faired well at her all-girls school, having failed her exams and tests
But a natural flair for caring led her to nursing which she did to her best

So successful she was in her chosen career she was approached to take on a task
Of a Sister post in the Shetland Isles – an opportunity which she had grasped
She was a single woman, and had never married for no man could ever match Tim
The dog that she'd owned as a young girl and who to her had meant everything

Her eyes misted over as she thought fondly of the dog that she'd loved so much
His big soft head, his brown loving eyes and his paws with their gentle touch
Timmy had lived for some fifteen years, a very fine age indeed
By then George was in her young twenties but she thought that her heart would bleed

Her beloved dog who had taken part in the adventures she'd had as a child
With her cousins in the school holidays with Timmy always at her side
He had saved the children countless times with his clever and quick way
Sleeping soundly on Georges bed each night on her legs his head would lay

Now then George, she said to herself, this really will not do
I'm acting like a Georgina now, a girlie through and through
With that she grinned and set about to prepare the house for the next day
Good old Cousins Julian, Dick and Anne were all coming down to stay

Her chores complete, she cooked herself a small meal and sat down in the kitchen
Remembering Joan the cook who'd always been there – whose baking she still was missing!
She warmly thought of her Parents long gone, her Father had been rather eccentric
And her Mother who had lived a few more years amongst the remains of the things he'd invented

She noticed that it was getting quite dark now and went round drawing all the curtains
The sky was clear with a bright white moon, a fine day imminent she was certain
Going up the stairs to the top of the house with the two small bedrooms either side
One for the boys and one for the girls, it would be just like old times

Perhaps tomorrow we could take a walk over the cliffs if the weather stayed clear
She wondered what her cousins would all look like now, it had been so many years
She lay with her thoughts of childhood days, missing Timmy's gentles snoring
Then promptly slept right through the night before waking the following morning.


As Julian walked through the arrivals lounge in the airport at London Heathrow
He smiled to himself as he remembered all those memories of so long ago
Looking handsome and smart in a well cut suit carrying light luggage in his hand
His grey hair swept back from his softly lined face, still a fine figure of a man

He glanced at his watch and noted that he had plenty of time to catch his train
He was so looking forwarding to meeting up with George, to seeing her again
Together with his brother and sister – although all of them now so much older
His little sister Anne, he thought tenderly, in height barely reaching his shoulder

His younger brother Dick, who was semi- retired, he too he'd not seen for a while
He missed him a lot with his cheeky boy looks and his captivating big smile
He boarded the train that would take him to London where he'd change, bound for the coast
To Kirrin where he knew as a teenage boy, the place that he'd loved the most

Kirrin Bay brought back memories still fresh in his mind that he could almost smell the sea
The five in their famous adventures, having fun, camping out and hiking
Those were marvellous days he recalled fondly making his way on to the train
He wondered if old Kirrin castle was still there and would it still look the same?

Julian had grown up into a fine young man, intelligent and commanding respect
And had joined the Royal Air Force and turned out to be the best pilot one could expect
He had married quite young and had a lovely wife who had now sadly passed away
Berta, an American girl he'd known as a boy – he remembered her every day

They'd been blessed with having three children, three sons that were now all grown men
With their own lives to lead and scattered about, one a pilot all over again
He was steady and wealthy and considered that he'd had all in all a very good life
At over seventy years old he was content despite missing his beloved dear wife

Now settled on the train in his first class seat, he pulled out his daily newspaper
But then found his eyes dropping with tiredness now, perhaps he'd read it later
He dozed in his seat and dreamt memorable dreams of days when they were all together
The famous Five, including Timmy the Dog, they were destined for fun and adventure!

He dreamt of dark gloomy lakes and of castles and caves and of treasure and ingots of gold
When they were fearless and feisty and incredibly clever, and were brave and extremely bold
They'd fought with villains and smugglers and gypsies too – many a thief and a crook
But with a well thought out plan, a compass and torch, that was all it really took!

They'd hid in dungeons and towers and behind trees and fence and had even cracked secret codes
They'd hiked on the moors through a swirling mist and had cycled along country roads
They'd stayed in chalets and castles and ruins and, best of all, in farmhouse barns
With their beds made of straw and cushioned with heather – what simply fabulous glorious yarns!

He'd always been the oldest and the sensible one, often taking the lead in their plans
He'd be the one who would do the talking when handing villains into Police hands!
What pleasant thoughts and memories all made of the finest "five" stuff
Those fun filled days and the memories evoked, there could never be enough

He woke with a jolt realising suddenly that he was approaching his destination
And was surprised that hardly anything had changed as the train stopped at the station
He opened the door of his carriage and stepped onto the platform, and then paused
And then his heart stopped still for there up ahead grinning broadly was his cousin George


A little later the same day, Dick had left his house and jumped into his super sports car
Eagerly thinking of the drive ahead, it wasn't really that very far
He raised his arm and waved goodbye to the lady smiling at the door
His long term partner of twenty two years, yelled "ta-ta" and put his foot to the floor

This is the life he thought as he drove out towards the big motorway
That would take him to Dorset, To Kirrin again– he couldn't wait to see the Bay
He smiled to himself as he raced at speed as if he were still a young man
He desperately wanted see the others – better get there as fast as he can

Life had been good over the past few years, and at long last things had turned out fine
Once a bit of a lad having quite a few jobs, and getting involved in some petty crime
But that had been back in his younger years when he'd fallen in with a pretty bad crowd
But he had then been successful in a business venture, one of which he was now proud

As a boy he'd been interested in fishing, in rivers and lakes and streams
And this continued into his adult life and he'd decided to follow his dreams
Of setting up fishing outings and holidays both in England and then abroad
Keeping his prices competitive, that all interested customers could afford

The business had flourished over time and had proved to be a huge success
At last he was doing something he was passionate about with the minimum of stress!
His tummy suddenly rumbled and Dick realised that he was feeling quite peckish
What he would give for a big burger now all loaded with cheese and relish!

He thought of his partner that he'd left at his house, a lovely lady by the name of Jo
What a gypsy, rapscallion she had been when the five had known her long ago
But she too had grown up and changed her ways and turned into a beautiful person
He was glad they'd met up and had made the choice – he had been so very certain

What a shock it had been when Dick picked up the phone and told the three of his latest news
That'd he'd encountered Jo again whilst on a holiday, they fell in love and that he would choose
For them to set up their home together, despite broken relationships that they had both had
The reaction for the others was unanimous – they were surprised but ever so glad!

Meeting Jo again had made Dick realise that she was his blessing in disguise
She was still cheeky and smart with a massive heart and still cut Dick down to size!
He'd welcomed Jo's son and her daughter happily and readily in to his life
He loved her so much and had never needed that piece of paper to make her his wife

Suddenly Dick found himself on the outskirts of the village that he's been aiming for
And to his right he could see the sea glinting over the fine sanded golden sea shore
Taken back in time to when they were all young when they'd shopped in the village for food
The cream teas , the cakes and the ice-creams, ginger beer – these were so good!

He passed the tobacconists, the bakers and the butchers where they'd bought Timmy his bones
It had barely changed he thought with a grin, it was just like coming home
Out through the other side of the village turning now into a narrow leafy lane
He felt excited and just a little nervous at the thought of seeing everyone again

He pulled up outside Kirrin Cottage and couldn't resist tooting the his sports cars horn
And out flew George like a tornado from the door of the home in which she'd been born
Followed quickly by Julian, grinning like mad, they both ran down the path
There was much hugging and punching and thumps on the back in between joyful laughs


It was Anne's turn now to set out on her trip to meet up with her brothers and cousin
She'd left in plenty of time so that she could enjoy her drive at her leisure without rushing
She made her way out of her small cobbled house with her special carrier crate on her arm
She had a special surprise for her cousin George which she'd collected from her local farm

She couldn't help smiling as she got into her car placing her crate on the seat beside her
She was taking a risk she knew with her gift but as now that George was to retire?
The timing would be right she thought looking down into the pair of brown eyes within
Of a beautiful puppy, all ears and big feet who looked remarkably like the old Tim

As she travelled from Wales through the scenic roads she thought back to the days at Kirrin
How lucky was George now, retired from her job and be back once again to live in
Those wonderful carefree childhood years, even though she was always the baby
Why do children ever have to grow up, boy to man and girl to a lady?

She was always the youngest, the smallest, most scared – except for the odd occasion
When her temper would fly and she would show her claws she thought with glee and elation
She was generally shy and sometimes quite timid but she was caring and kind in her nature
To adults, to children and animals too – and to her animals now a saviour

She had loved the school that she'd attended with George, where they let children take their pets
Perhaps it was then all those years ago when she decided she'd become a vet
She had found exams easy and had simply sailed through and gained all her qualifications
In order to begin her career as a vet and it was well beyond all her expectations

It was whilst she was training that she'd fallen in love with another young vet at the time
And once qualified completely she joined him to practice in Wales where the weather's not fine!
They were successful and popular and had many animals they tended and treated, looked after
And after they married, they went on to produce twins – a fine son and a beautiful daughter

She recalled that time many years ago when she'd encountered her first set of twins
Harry and Harriet, alike as can be, who became the Fives' very firm friends
Like her own twins, Mark and Mel, they were identical and often they thought as one
A real credit to Anne and her husband Glynn, when all things said and done

Ooh those adventures and the fun that they'd had, how they were trusted out on their own
Being allowed to take off whenever they liked – they loved being away from home!
She'd looked after her brothers and cousin then, cooking and washing and cleaning
And she remembered that they seemed to spend a lot of their time, eating and drinking and eating!

Trust me, thought Anne, to be the only one who now struggled with her weight
Unlike George, still athletic and slim never worrying what she ate
Still, she may be more plump but she was very content, living the life that she had
Her and Glynn were as much in love as they were when they'd met as young girl and lad

She glanced up at the signpost ahead and saw that she was approaching the turning to take
Glancing down to the seat next to her, smiling again, what a lovely surprise this would make
Her heart started beating and her eyes shone at the thought of seeing everyone again all together
She loved them all so much and knew that the bond that they had could not severe

Here at last at the cottage with its pretty front garden with the path leading up from the gate
She got out of her car and walked to the front door carrying with her the special crate
She gently knocked at the door and waited, until she could hear footsteps inside
And then there was George, eyes shining with tears holding her arms open wide


Timmy had looked up and the first thing he saw was a welcoming friendly face
As he lay next to his Mother on their bed at the farm where he'd spent his early days
His Mother was a truly beautiful dog and had given birth to six tiny pups
All with lovely soft fur and big brown eyes and long ears that you wanted to rub

When he first saw Anne he somehow knew that he was going to go to a lovely home
Where he'd be looked after and loved, fed well and be hugged, and given the odd bone!
So when Anne put him into the car that day, he felt no of doubt or fear
He knew he'd see his Mistress George very soon, she already felt very near

He was very excited and had wagged his tail whilst lying in his carrier crate
But wished they would get their sooner than later – he didn't want to be late
But he lay there patiently as they drove down to his new home where he would live
To his new life, companions who would hopefully have presents they wanted to give!

Now something was going on his canine mind, something quite eerie and a bit queer
It was as if he knew where he was, and who with – it was all crystal clear
As if he'd been in this place before with four children that he loved so much
But he'd keep it to himself in his puppy mind, he didn't want to make a fuss

He lay with his thoughts of happy times on the beach and in the sea
Then picnicking on the sand with lunch before returning home for tea
To Kirrin Cottage where he would lay patiently sprawled under the kitchen table
Where the children would fee him tit bits secretly as and when they were able

Oh the food they'd had and lots of it! He seemed to remember without hesitation
The puddings, the pies, the cakes and high teas, he licked his lips in fond elation!
He was still thinking these thoughts as he felt the car start to slow down and make a turn
And then he felt a little nervous and wobbly and his tummy started to churn

"It's OK" Anne had whispered, "it will all be just fine, you are about to meet your old friends"
For Anne knew too that he was a special dog and that there was a heart here that he could mend
He was back where he belonged and was safe and secure and would never be away
From his Mistress George ever again because forever now he would stay

And now the car stopped and Anne jumped out and walked round to the side door
This felt so, this was going to be great he absolutely knew for sure
He could just about see from his comfortable bed laid inside his crate
His Mistress George tearing up the path towards the garden gate

Anne and George hugged hard and then came the moment when he was gently lifted out
Well his Mistress George just stared at first and then gave a loud triumphant shout!
"Timmy, Oh Timmy, you beautiful boy, you're back and you're mine at last"
Timmy whimpered and licked her face and her hands– he had returned from the past!

Well later that evening after a wonderful dinner prepared by George and Anne
He explored the cottage with its familiar smells in every room where he excitedly ran
And then finally coming down to sit with the four who all petted and stroked him in turn
This was his place, his home again and he would no longer have to yearn

This scene was what it was all about, the five all together once more
All seated around in big cosy chairs and Timmy content on the floor
How they laughed, reminisced and talked of old times and the adventures that they'd had
How Enid Blyton would have loved to have seen this, she would have been so proud and glad

"CHILDREN'S WORDSMITH" By Sanojaa Thiyagarajah

She came to us children as the angel we never met,
Breathing encouraging words and making us glad.
We went behind her scenting the adventures came from her books,
She caught our senses and made us to go in the thrilling path.

Who is she? Is she only an author and story-teller?
No, she was someone more than that, who contacts us through her stories.
There is no guess for her, as she is a friend of love to us.
She expresses her love by giving us her sweet words as gifts.

'Famous Five', 'Secret Seven', 'Adventure Series' and 'Mystery Series',
Were just some of the popular books she gave to this world,
And made us swirl in the sentences of mysteries.
Dear Enid Blyton, we want you to come back and be born again.