Animals of the Series

Article by Nakul Datar (April 3, 2005)

Usually, Enid Blyton sticks to one pet per series (not counting Philip's myriad collection in the Adventure series). This series has two pets, and they both play important roles in the mysteries. When he's not collecting hairbrushes, Loony the black spaniel is busy sniffing out clues and burrowing for evidence. In The Ring O' Bells Mystery he meets another like-minded spaniel, this time a golden one, by the name of Loopy! Coincidence, yes. But Loony and Loopy go well together, and are best of friends throughout the entire book.

Meanwhile, Barney's pet monkey Miranda shows that there are a lot of things a monkey can do apart from wearing doll's clothes and looking cute, as she carries messages, rings bells, rescues the children, and generally proves her worth. She is met by mixed reaction from other folk; some can't stand to be in the same room as her, while others are delighted with her. A lorry driver even offered to buy her off Barney, which of course he refused.

But the star cast of animals does not end with Miranda and Loony. We have the amazing pickpocket chimpanzees, Hurly and Burly. They ride bikes, play games and generally steal the show in The Rilloby Fair Mystery, throwing a policeman in a quandary as he looks up regulations to arrest a chimpanzee!

This section will be incomplete without Spiteful Snoek (or Sardine in later editions), the Lynton's cat. She lies doggo (or, as Roger says, catto) on the stairs to trip up people and has the primary objectives of eating sardines and annoying Loony.