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How many books did Enid Blyton write?

This is easily the most asked question about our beloved author, and it's amazing how many different answers there are. The truth is, it depends on what you mean by "book." Do you mean novels? Short story compilations? Character books? Non-fiction nature books? The following numbers are shamelessly borrowed from the Enid Blyton Society's database and updated real-time. For a far more detailed analysis, visit the Society's immense Cave of Books.

Note: Enid is credited with over 10,900 short stories, poems and plays throughout her career, but some were used many times so the actual number is more like 7500. Check out this comprehensive, detailed listing.
  • 186 novels/novelettes
  • 258 character books
  • 985 short story series books
  • 267 education books
  • 233 recreation books
  • 208 continuation books
  • 290 Enid Blyton contributions

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September 25, 2015 - Ted Raftery says: OK Daisy. We will presume it was innocent ( even though George ( Enid) wanted to be a boy. The boundary's these days are so lightly defined one has to speculate. I remember back in the 40's there were two ladies in our street who lived together. They kept themselves to themselves. Never mixed. There was talk. But of course such things didn't happen then did they!!!!!!!!! Not trying to be nasty but I like to imagine I have found the truth, Lol.
September 25, 2015 - Ted Raftery says: With reference to my earlier message about re reading The Famous Five. My favourite remains book number one. Five on a treasure Island. And the illustrations by Eileen Soper which put it all in my childhood era. I have an early copy of that one. Hate the PC corrections put into later editions. I say, still jolly good reading though. Wizard.
Buster says... Buster says: I love the Soper illustrations best too, Ted. And my own collection are all the original text. Not the PC corrections.
September 25, 2015 - Ted Raftery says: In answer to TJL in September asking about Hilbre Island, ( which lies off Hoylake, Cheshire. ) could she be mistaking it for Kirrin Island? I have been to Hilbre and it is about the size of Kirrin but of course no old castle. Just a lighthouse.
September 25, 2015 - Ted Raftery says: As I said months ago I am spending my summer re reading the Famous Five series. Strangely I found I had not read them all before. I bought these paperbacks in the late 80"s and the cover illustrations are appalling. One has Anne on a cycling tour wearing HEELS!! All of them are pictured as being much older than the stories indicate. Anyway I still enjoyed. As advised I also bought and read The Biography by Barbara Stoney. Very insightful. Interesting to note that Enid identified with George! She modeled George after herself. This brings up another question that struck me. Enid is stated as having a very intimate relationship with Dorothy Richards. Mmmmm. What sort of relationship? Sorry to speculate this way Fatty but could it have been.
Daisy says... Daisy says: I think Dorothy's friendship with Enid was innocent, Ted.
September 9, 2015 - Mehul says: Inspector, I was just reading the Tricks and New Girls article on Malory Towers. Shouldn't you put a spoiler warning on it? .
Fatty says... Fatty says: It is an essay on plot devices, written in 2005. It would seem obvious that it will contain plots. If you haven't read a book, it might seem silly to read an article about the plots. Incidentally, the article is called Treeks and New Girls
September 8, 2015 - Anita says: In answer to Carol, I wonder if you're thinking of The Little Grey Men by BB (Denys Watkins-Pitchford). Baldmoney, Sneezewort and Dodder are gnomes who set off by boat to find Cloudberry. There's a sequel called The Little Grey Men Go Down the Bright Stream. Beautiful books, very moving, with lovely descriptions of nature.
Buster says... Buster says: Thank you, Anita. Hope this helps you, Carol.
September 6, 2015 - Carol says: Please can any body help? , As a child I was read stories I am almost certain was written by the great lady, about the adventures of 4 elves, one of whom was named Cloudberry, please, please can some body tell me the the title of the book? .
Buster says... Buster says: It is not a book I know of, Carol. But I'm hoping someone who is reading your message will know. You could also post your message on the Enid Blyton Society website as I'm sure someone will know on there. Here is the link. Enid Blyton Society
September 3, 2015 - TJL says: Hi can someone tell me the name of the book which features Hilbre island.
August 27, 2015 - Caroline says: Is there anywhere to get new copies of the original texts? I'm reading the books to my kids, so I bought new copies but they've been changed from the originals. They've been made 'politically correct', in that the worst examples of racism and sexism have been removed, but only superficially. The low-hanging fruit has been fixed, like the use of the N-word, and lines like "If I were a girl I would cry, but I can't because I'm a boy", but the more pervasive and insidious sexism is still there, for example. The fact that the girls get to have input but the boys make the actual decisions, or boys collect firewood and girls wash dishes. Taking out the obvious sexism but leaving in the subtle stuff is much worse, because it's far more difficult to spot, especially for children. I'd rather have the blatant sexism left in, because even my five-year-old can spot that there's something wrong with it, rather than just leaving in the hidden stuff. So, I'm stuck with reading my 60-year-old copies to my kids because I refuse to use the altered versions. There are a couple of them where my only copy is a first edition. Is there anywhere to get new copies with the original text, so I'm not risking damage to my first editions? .
Buster says... Buster says: I'm afraid that if you buy a Blyton these days, you will get the 'new text' versions. If you want the text to remain as Enid wrote the books many years ago, then you will have to use your own copies, which to my mind are much better, or buy the old second hand copies, with the original text, of which there are still many to find on Ebay. A lot of older fans, like myself, prefer to read the originals, as they were written in the 40s 50s and early 60s.
August 25, 2015 - Jay says: Hey Everyone. I want to tell you that I found a shop called the bookshed. I went there and got old editions of Enid Blyton books for 50p(I was on holiday) I do not live in the UK but met up with my music teacher who was in the UK for a family reunion and I was on holday at the same time and we met up and she told my family about it)! Jay.
August 24, 2015 - Doreen Webb says: My school teacher daughter wants me to speak to her class about childhood in the 1950's and one major part of my life was reading Enid Blyton's Famous 5 books. So I bought last week Five Fall into an Adventure, and although not P. C. now, the story was still as exciting as it was when I was a child, and I'm now 67!
Buster says... Buster says: Glad to hear you still enjoyed the book, Doreen. Believe me 67 is still an age to read all Blyton books. You only have to join the Enid Blyton Society and forums to see that you are not alone.
August 24, 2015 - Brigham says: I have hard copies some printed in 1954 others 1963 happy to sell.
Fatty says... Fatty says: I assume you mean hardback copies. We don't really have a For Sale facility, but if anyone is interested, you might like to give permission for us to publish your email address, Brigham. It might also be beneficial if you list the titles and price.
August 21, 2015 - Jay says: Good idea Evie M! Thanks for the idea Jay.
August 19, 2015 - Charlotte says: I love Malory Towers because it gave me my English speech. I think it is very good!
August 16, 2015 - Evie M says: You could even write a fanfiction if you wanted to, Jay : ).

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